First of the season: Milky Way Photography

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Well, I wholeheartedly hope it’s not the last, for that’s exactly what happened last year. I clicked a mere three Milky Way shots during the entire summer period. (porca miseria)

Milky Way gives me the chills

I know next to nothing about astronomy (though, to my defense, I have occasionally embarked on some futile knowledge enrichment quests). However, I’m always thrilled when I spot the Miky Way’s thin, almost like painted with a soft white brush line in a crystal clear night sky. And I’m even more thrilled when I capture it with my lens.

Capturing the Galaxy

As a matter of fact, Milky Way photography is quite tricky and hard to master. Having said that, I’ve clicked a couple of shots during the past two years, which are aesthetically pleasing to me (If I go hard on myself though I’d brand them as “satisfactory”). You can check one of them out here.

So, the shots you’re about to see were captured on the night of the 13th of August 2020. The main one is a panorama photo, produced after merging together 9 different photos in Lightroom. The result is a big chunk of a file, packing a lot of megabytes.

All three of them (including the cover photo of this post) were shot from the balcony of our village house, located in the mountainous part of Achaia, in northern Peloponnese, Greece.

Nothing too exceptional, just sharing with you exactly what the post’s title suggests: my first of the season Milky Way photos. I truly hope you fancy them!

That’s the panorama shot, pure Milky Way

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