A Double – Edged Introduction

Anastasis as a law graduate

I obtained my LLB from the School of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Greece, in November 2020. I don’t really know why I chose to pursue an undergraduate course in law, but, upon its completion, I’m positive that I made the right choice. For me, law is all about methodology, logic and a deep understanding of peoples’ needs and interests.

During my studies, thanks to some extra – curricular activities I embarked on, I developed a keen interest on legal reasearch and subsequently legal writing. Quite often, when I bump into something new that perplexes me, my “go – to” thought is “Let’s look into it and perhaps note a few things down”. It is the fruitful – and I hope timeworthy – result of this very chain of thought, which you can see in the legal writings section of my website

As far as particular interests are concerned, I’m inclined towards commercial law (corporate law, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets), private international law, civil procedure and forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in particular commercial arbitration.

You can download my full Curriculum Vitae (CV) (English Version) by clicking the following button:

Anastasis as a photo enthusiast

Here’s a rather dubious premise for me: I’m not a photographer. On the contrary, I’m just a lad who happens to carry a camera around and enjoys taking photos. For me, photography is all about visualising memories in a pleasing and occassionally artistic digital format. This is the very reason why, quite often, I find the circumstances surrounding a shoot more memorable than the shots I actually get out of it.

I proudly belong to this breed of photo aficionados who shoot pretty much anything they deem intriguing. Yet, I do have a handful of photography genres which I’m more than geared towards: landscape photography, especially seascapes, cityscape photography (more specifically, I love medieval – renaissance looking towns / God, I wish I lived in a city in northern Italy) and last but not least aviation photography, i.e. shiny airplanes, from Airbuses to Mirages.

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