A Double – Edged Introduction

Anastasis as a law graduate

I obtained my LLB from the School of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Greece, back in November 2020. Currently, I am pursuing a LLM in civil procedure within said Institution. I am also working as a trainee lawyer.

During my studies, I developed a keen interest on legal reasearch and subsequently legal writing. Quite often, when I bump into something new that perplexes me, my “go – to” thought is “Let’s look into it and perhaps note a few things down”. It is the fruitful – and I hope timeworthy – result of this very chain of thought, which you can see in the legal writings section of my website.

Anastasis as a photo enthusiast

Here’s a rather dubious premise for me: I’m not a photographer. On the contrary, I’m just a lad who happens to carry a camera around and enjoys taking photos. For me, photography is all about visualising memories in a pleasing and occassionally artistic digital format. This is the very reason why, quite often, I find the circumstances surrounding a shoot more memorable than the shots I actually get out of it.

I proudly belong to this breed of photo aficionados who shoot pretty much anything they deem intriguing. Yet, I do have a handful of photography genres which I’m more than geared towards: landscape photography, especially seascapes, cityscape photography (more specifically, I love medieval – renaissance looking towns / God, I wish I lived in a city in northern Italy) and last but not least aviation photography, i.e. shiny airplanes, from Airbuses to Mirages.