Well, the legal jargon is full of latin expressions, thus, it seems appropriate to name this particular section of my website as such. The “Scripta Legalia” are mostly blog posts, in which I express my personal opinions on a legal matter or comment on recent case law. They are by no means up to the academic standards of a Paper or a Journal, though I can assure you that they constitute the end product of meticulous research. Furthermore, in some of these posts you shall find footnotes, either with refefernces to my sources, or with clarifications to the arguments put forth in the text above. Last but not least, I’m always open to constructive criticism and comments on the contents of the blog.

In this section of my website, you can read about (Please note that some of these posts are published in Greek.)

Civil/Commercial Law

Civil law, Corporate law, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets law, transport law

Private Internatonal Law

Private international law with a focus on relevant EU regulations, law of cross – border transactions

Civil Procedure and ADR

Greek civil procedure, forms of alternative dispute resolution, in particular commercial arbitration