Earth, water, air. With the addition of fire, we stand before the 4 classical elements, perceived by ancient civilizations as being the explanatory basis of the natural world’s complexity. Much to one’s dismay, I cannot photograph fire (notwithstanding the fact that I would definitely like to shoot an erupting volcano one day). Yet, one cannot claim the same for the first 3 elements. That said, you are about to delve into my photography attempts depicting earth, in the form of cityscapes and landscapes, water, through striving to capture waterfalls and ferocious waves and air, with the necessary and welcome addition of some human made birds, either civilian or military aircraft.

That, ladies and gents, is my portfolio, the fruit of a meticulous and sometimes hard exercise to cherry pick my favourite shots since the humble beginning of my photo-journey in 2017. I do reckon that a soulless online gallery really misses out on the stories and feelings enshrined in every single shot, but hopefully some emotions will be stirred up in your own heart, following a glimpse into my photography world.

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